15/05/2018, BELGRADE - A workshop for Rafting Guide National Instructors will be organised in Kosovo on 21-22 June 2018.

Only 2 National Instructors from each WRF Member will be admitted to the workshop where the participants will discuss and develop the WRF Training Guide National Program. 

The participants’ names shall be chosen by the National President or National Responsible for the Sport Department and shall be communicated to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

The workshop will be conducted by the Special Commission appointed by the WRF Executive Board.

WRF Training Guide Program

The WRF has developed and manages a rafting guide training program in collaboration with National Federations; it’s a system where the WRF Training Program does not replace the National Training Program but acts at National Federation’s request by training national instructors in order to make them autonomous, thus achieving common training standards. 

Where the goal mentioned above is achieved, the signature of agreements between the WRF and National Federations implements the system of collaboration and management. This agreement shall be based on the following principles:

  • the WRF works to ensure that WRF qualifications issued by the National Federations are accepted worldwide so that the raft guides holding this qualification enjoy the full honors and privileges granted by the WRF program
  • National Federations will maintain their NTP (National Training Program) so that it meets or exceeds the minimum requirements for an WRF Training Program as stipulated in the WRF program protocol.

  • National Federations will offer all National Rafting Guides and Instructors the opportunity to obtain a WRF Rafting Guide qualification comparable to the level that they already hold
  • National Federations agree that a valid and current WRF Rafting Guide qualification shall qualify the holder for a ‘fast track’ option for obtaining a National Guide license corresponding to their WRF qualification when the remaining national Guide requirements have been met

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