"Don't just hope; work harder and harder": with these words Iran team commented the river experience that leaded them to India 2024.

Final day at Satluj river and the RX knock-out awarded the last important points of the Asian Rafting Championship. The gates decided the RX outcome, tracking different possible lines in the main rapid of the event.

In the WOMEN category the perfect 300 points line has been drawn by Saba Fadaei, Faezeh Ronasi, Sahar Ghasemi Toudeshki, Melina Ebrahimian and Setareh Homayoon Fard: Iran prevailed over the hosts and took home the RX and overall gold medal. 

We asked the winners a few questions about their river experience. Melina shared with us the opinion of the team “The most important thing that the river teaches us is that when you face a challenge you must not hope, but try. And if you fail, try harder. We tried, believed it and we happily we made it”. Her teammate Setareh added “The river makes you feel bonded to nature and other people and that is one big thing we love about rafting. In a certain way, life is similar to the river: we learn that we must know all the currents but we do not have to follow them all, we have to rely on the one we choose.”



Iran - women - Asian Champions


Second RX place, that granted also the overall silver, goes to India 3, with 262 points. RX bronze to India 2, that was not enough for the overall third step of the podium, taken by India 3 with 242 points.

In the MEN category Nepal climbed the rankings, winning the semi final against Kazakstan and the final against India. The RX gold moved Nepal to the second overall place with 260 points. Their coach Vishma Raj Thapaliya declared “It is our first time at a WRF event and we are very happy about the results. We spent a great time sharing river experiences with other athletes, meeting new people and new viewpoints. Regarding the race RX is an interesting discipline, from choosing the fastest shore of the river to the different strategies among the gates. We are already excited to see you in the next river” they affirmed. And we are already looking forward to see them paddling in Argentina 2025. Nepal team concluses by thanking the Nepal Rafting and Canoeing Association, the WRF and all the organisers from Himachal Pradesh.



Nepal wins agains India in the RX final


Overall gold to India Belgaun, who got second in the RX, with a total score of 270 thanks to the good podiums. Third RX place to India Along, who won the final B against India Raivola.

India Raivola anyway, the Slalom winners, got the points to gain the overall bronze, 248.



India belgaun - men - Asian Champions


Last but not least the mix category. India 7 gets the third and overall gold in the RX, winning the final A, that leads them to 300 points, against India 6 who gets the silver. India 8 wins the final b and the RX bronze.

With the RX points the final mix silver goes to India 8 with 258 points, only 6 points ahead of India  6.



India mix on the first upstream RX gate


Tomorrow the first WRF Asian Rafting Champions will be awarded in the mountains of Shimla, by local, WRF and IOC authorities.


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