Gear up for an adventurous journey down Europe's challenging rivers as the 2024 Rafting Cups Series unfolds in a series of exciting events. From Uzice in Serbia, to Val di Sole in Italy and Pau, France; the continent is set to witness top-notch rafting competitions.


1. May 4-5 - European Cup -Pau, France - Bulletin 

The launch of the Rafting Cups Series is the event at Stade d'Eaux Vive, Parc Aquasports in Pau, on May 4th, 2024. The Stade d'Eaux Vive will be all set to welcome teams from across Europe for the first continental clash on European soil. Get ready for an exhilarating showdown as participants and spectators alike gather to witness the excitement and skills on display at this renowned venue, which has hosted numerous worldwide events in the past.





2. June 7-9 - European Cup - Uzice, Serbia - Bulletin

We move into the southwest of Serbia: Uzice, from June 7th to June 9th. Surrounded by the stunning landscapes of Zlatibor mountain and Vrutc lake, after the success of the past 2023 edition Uzice sets the stage for fierce competition on the Djetinja River. 


kosovo wrf 500


3. June 21-22 2024 - European Cup - Val di Sole, Italy - Bulletin

The action continues in Val di Sole, Italy, from June 21st to June 22nd, 2024. Situated in the heart of the Italian Alps, this leg of the series offers not only a formidable course but also a captivating setting. Teams will demonstrate their teamwork, precision, and passion for rafting as they navigate the rushing waters against the stunning backdrop of Val di Sole mountains.


val di sole rafting


As the Rafting Cups Series unfolds across these European destinations, participants and fans are in for an incredible experience. From the initial warm-up in Pau to the challenging waters of Val di Sole, this series is a celebration for the world of rafting. So, mark your calendars, secure your tickets, and get ready to ride the waves of the 2024 Rafting Cups Series!



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