New year, new beginnings for the global rafting community! The Czech Republic (The Union of Boaters of The Czech Republic) has officially joined the World Rafting Federation (WRF), bringing a rich blend of river culture and enthusiasm to the already diverse mix of nations united by the sport of rafting. This new collaboration not only strengthens the global rafting community but also emphasizes the significance of unity in promoting water sports and fostering a deep appreciation for the world's rivers.


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The inclusion of the Czech Republic in the World Rafting Federation marks a significant milestone. The Czech Republic adds a distinctive touch to the worldwide rafting community with its extensive river system and profound cultural ties to water. The tradition of water sports, coupled with a passion for nature, promises to infuse the World Rafting Federation with a powerful identity. The rafting community gains not only a nation rich in river heritage but also taps into the vibrant energy of its rafters. This injection of energy ensures not only the sustainability of the sport but also opens doors for innovative approaches and fresh perspectives within the federation.


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The World Rafting Federation keeps serving as a platform for nations to come together, share experiences, and build lasting relationships through the common passion for rafting. So, welcome aboard, fellow rafters! Cheers to the exciting journey ahead!




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