Following WRF guidelines set to better define the standards of river guiding worldwide, a new and comprehensive Training Programme has been launched for river guides and coaches in collaboration with National Federations.


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This initiative transcends borders, welcoming participation from River Guides and federations worldwide. Collaborations with river associations, environmental organizations, and tourism boards ensure a diverse and inclusive approach to training.

The launch of this training program signals a commitment to the continual professional development of River Guides, enhancing their capabilities and ensuring a higher standard of service for adventure seekers globally. By investing in the education and empowerment of River Guides, the initiative aims to create a network of knowledgeable and responsible professionals who contribute to the sustainable growth of the sport of rafting. 


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Recognizing the crucial role that River Guides play in ensuring the safety and enjoyment of adventurers, the launch of this program comes as a response to the growing need for standardized, high-quality training. The WRF National Training Programme will be managed in three distinct ways: 

Autonomous Management by a National Federation (WRF Member)

A National Federation (“NF”), recognised by WRF, retains the autonomy to manage the national programme if the following conditions are met: 

•the NF has appointed a national Training Commission or a National Responsible; the national instructors have to be registered on the WRF platform, unless otherwise agreed by WRF;
•the NF has an ongoing training programme;
•the NF applies exclusively the WRF programme.   

Authorization of WRF Instructors by a National Federation (WRF Member)

If the above-mentioned conditions are not met, a National Federation, recognized by WRF, has the authority to grant permission to WRF Instructors to operate within the Country on its behalf.  

Permission is granted automatically without formalities.

The WRF Instructors are just required to notify the National Federation and WRF Secretariat of their intent to organize a course/exam through the designated form. The National Federation can oppose the organization of the course/exam, informing the WRF Instructor and the WRF secretariat. The National Federation should promote the calendar of courses and exams at national level.

Under the umbrella of the NF, the WRF Instructors can run course and exam according to the specific regulations. Upon exam/course completion, the National Federation is responsible for validating the certifications issued by the Instructors (according to the indications referred to point 5 of this document). 


Management by WRF Instructors in Countries without WRF Member

In countries where a WRF Member does not exist, WRF Instructors are empowered to run courses and exams. WRF Instructors are required to notify the WRF of their intent to organize a course/exam through the designated form (Annex A). 

The WRF Instructors can run course and exam according to WRF Rules. A comprehensive final report (using the specific template) for each course/exam conducted must be submitted to WRF Secretariat. 

At the conclusion of the course, the WRF Secretariat will validate the certifications granted by the Instructors.


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