The power of sport in promoting environmental sustainability and forest conservation is undoubtedly enormous. In recent years, more and more athletes, teams and sports organizations have joined the cause of OneTreePlanted, a non-profit organization dedicated to planting trees around the world to restore forests, protect wildlife and fight climate change.

Athletes' commitment to environmental sustainability is nothing new, but OneTreePlanted has been able to make the most of this potential. The organization has created an online platform that allows athletes and sports enthusiasts to support the cause of reforestation through donations, challenges and crowdfunding campaigns. Many professional athletes have already shown their support for OneTreePlanted, using their visibility to raise awareness of deforestation and the need for action to protect forests.

But it's not just professional athletes who support OneTreePlanted. Sports teams and organizations of all levels are also embracing the cause of reforestation. The World Rafting Federation on the occasion of the WRF World Rafting Championships 2023, as for the previous one in 2021, is honored to support the reforestation project - this time in Uganda - by planting 1 tree for every athlete participant in the event.

We now wanna direct to every athlete, we have chance through the sport we love to raise awareness of the need to protect forests and take action against climate change. Athletes, teams and sports fans can all do their part to support this cause, helping to create a more sustainable future for all. 

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