Last night heavy rain strongly increased the water level and the put-in of women and mix teams has been moved after the two 4 level rapids that are in the first km. The men paddled the 8 km downriver that required the combination of fast paddling in the slow parts and clean technique in the long demanding rapids. 

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Venezuela - Derrumbe rapid


The best absolute time was earned by Venezuela: Antonio Guzman, Carlos Lobo, Jean Carlo Castillo, Jean Carlos Andrades and Eduard Erazo got a well deserved downriver gold in the men category at their first WRF competition with 35:32.44, 5 seconds ahead of Brazil who got the second place. Finally third place to the Slalom winners of Colombia 1.

In the women category the 80 golden points go to Chile 1: Yisseth Moralez, Marina Saez, Magdalena Muaoz, Marlene Epulef and Tabata Araya Soto closed with 21:00.16.

With a gap of 15 seconds Magdalena Alonso, Virginia Gisela Dubosca Carra, Camila Gonzalez Guzman and Agustina Micaela Magnaterra (Argentina) got the second place, followed by Chile 2 one second later that decided their third place.


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Mix category has been taken by Chile 2: Arantxa Bahamondez, Javiera Alfaro, Teresa Calvo, Amaru Parini Lavanchy and Camilo Soto with 20:14.87.

23 seconds later Colombia 1 stopped the chronometer, followed by Argentina with 21:06.48: Melani Ailen Kindenet, Julieta Ana Beatriz Vilte, Arian Torres, Tomas Capelar Ferrer and Ignacio Julian Bravo.

Tomorrow is the last race day and RX is going to define the PanAmericano: Rio Fonce is more than listo! 


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