On 13rd January the President of the Comité Olimpico Peruano, Dr Renzo Vitto Fabrizio Manyar Velazco certified that "the Peruvian Canoeing Federation is the representative of the rafting discipline in the country as a national sports representative for the fulfillment of the international agreements assumed between the International Canoeing federation and the World Rafting Federation.

In addition the President of the Peruvian Canoeing Federation, Sr. Jorge Tàvara Mariàtegui certified the full membership with WRF, taking the opportunity to express "my special consideration and esteem".



Whitewater rafting on Rio Chili


The incredible variety of freshwater Perù varies from the enormous drainage basin of the Amazon river and the whitewater rivers like Rio Chili and Urubamba that, flowing from the Andes Mountains towards the Pacific Ocean, create a natural paradise for rafting.

"I am honored to welcome this beautiful country in our community and I lood forward to develop positive sinergies with this amazing rafting reality." WRF President declared.



Rio Urubamba, that runs through the Sacred Valley of Incas

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