World Rafting Federation and Global eSports Federation joined forces signing a membership last month.

The GEF prioritizes the development of an inclusive, safe, healthy and sustainable Esports ecosystem with a particular focus on responsible gaming, holistic wellness, fair play, education and career pathways for players and athletes.


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Nowadays technology is an integral part of everyday life and the number of eSport athletes is increasing. 

However, despite the high level and intensity of the eSport trainings and competitions, almost half of the eSport athletes do not meet the recommended volume of physical activity, that is fundamental and necessary to safeguard good health and is tremendously important, not only to set appropriate precondition for a long career in eSports but also to preserve a stable psychophysical conditions in general.

In this regard, WRF shares the GEF mission to cultivate a balance between sport, esports and technology, developing a connection between the communities: different disciplines at the same time may express and teach, through different dynamics, the same sport values.




The aim is to guide people into a more active and social lifestyle: we think that sports may serve for the prevention of psychophysical complaints. Inactivity over a prolonged time might cause severe health incidents: being physical active is the key.

As a team sport rafting improves the social inclusion and reduces mental stress and communication barriers, since every person is an integral part of the team, paddling in the river the same direction. The same values can be learned in different ways and several abilities, such as focus or teamwork, can be trained from different points of view, reinforcing a 360 degrees vision.

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Global Esports Federation already signed a membership with Peace and Sport to foster education development and enhanced social cohesion: with the connection of different viewpoints we can discover cross-sections values and connections. 

WRF President Danilo Barmaz declared “nowadays technology is an integral part of our lives and we should remember its potential: we have new and different ways to build a connected world.”



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