One month after the World Rafting Championship 2021 in France, the members of the WRF Executive Board and Commissions started the first meetings with the eyes on the next 4 years.

The WRF 2021/2024 Ordinary Plenary Assembly held in L'Argentière-la-Bessée confirmed Barmaz Danilo (Italy) President for the second term, supported by the renewed Executive Board composed by Ago Blerina (Albania), Purjakov Boris (Serbia), Grigoriev Oleg (Russia) and Yardımcı Fikret  (Turkey), the  Representative elected by the Technicians’ Commission Ghaziasgar Seyed Hadi (Iran) and the Representative elected by the Athletes' Commission Martinez Martin (Argentina). 

Carlier Bruno (France), Larrea Fermin Perez (Spain), Tomasini Marco (Malta), Buzzo Navarro Alejandro Daniel (Venezuela), Fernandes Rebeca (Brasil), Gautam Sudip (Nepal), Singh Sikand Shaukat Pal (India) and Takrouni Mohsen (Tunisia), together with the Executive Board Members, will compose the WRF Board of Directors.


Board of Directors 1

WRF Board of Directors

I would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in me to lead the WRF for this new four-year period. In these first three years we have done a lot but we still have to do a lot; we have created and we are creating a great team completing and strengthening our various committees to ensure that they are increasingly operational and effective.

One month ago the World Championship was concluded in France and, despite the enormous difficulties caused by the pandemic, we proved to be strong and resolute, bringing the event to an end with an excellent media success and this is a great good for our sport in this difficult period the challenged the organisation and especially the athletes every day.

What I can promise you is a constant commitment to our cause by creating a cohesive team where everyone is and feels a fundamental part of this movement.

The great family of the WRF can and must aspire to great results and this can only happen with the help of all in particular of the National Federations, the real engine of our project


With these words Mr Danilo Barmaz, flanked by the WRF General Secretary Matteo Benciolini, inaugurated the second term of his Presidency and opened the WRF Ordinary Plenary Assembly after the World Rafting Championship, where he welcomed the delegates from the National Federations. 

Danilo Barmaz

Danilo Barmaz, WRF President


The Congress held in France has been an important meeting that gave a positive feedback of the last three years. The RX discipline, the Para-Rafting and Mix teams, that WRF introduced as new format 3 years ago, are exponentially growing and showing the potential of our amazing sport: this is a new beginning and the great results we achieved in the recent years are now a new, solid starting point.



RX discipline, World Rafting Championship 2021


Bearing in mind the values that our athletes keep reminding us, WRF is totally committed in the further development of the rafting sport, consolidating and improving its internal structure in both the agonistic and commercial fields, and at the same time working for the recognition by International Sport Organisations: the Olympics are a concrete dream.


WRF 2021/2024 Ordinary Plenary Assembly


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