On 3rd July the last stage of the RX for Women, Mix and ParaRafting closed the race week and awarded the podiums with important points, that decided the overall results.

In the Women category the four teams who made it to the semifinals, after the Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the knock out, were Turkey 2, Slovakia, Italy 1 and Italy 2.



Women, Italy 1, RX silver


Italy 1, Letizia Lauri, Elodie Lumignon, Gaia Mascarello and Carlotta Scalvino, was leading the RX qualification with the best category time of 1'00.61. They won the semifinal with Turkey 2, Dilara Dinler, Deniz Dinler, Rojda Korkmali, Gözde Aksoy and Tijda Yesil, reaching the final A.



Women, Italy 2, RX gold


Slovakia lost the semifinal to Italy 2: Christa Gruber, Francesca Leonardi, Martina Bonomi and Miriam Waldboth from Italy 2 reached and won the Final A against Italy 1, who got the RX silver.

The Final B gave the bronze to Slovakia: Petra Solovicovà, Hana Derkovà, Laura Krutà and Nina Šuchovà.



Women, Slovakia, RX bronze


The Para Rafting category saw a close battle between the 2 teams from Italy and the hosts, France 1 and France 2.

The final B gave the bronze medal to Italy 2: Massimo Giandinoto, Rosario Sperandini, Rinaldo Veneroni and Damiano Casazza.



Para-Rafting, Italy 2, RX bronze

Fourth place for France 2: Thomas Caviole, Steven Batellier, Erwan Dorigny and Yannick Le Guellec.

France 1, who stopped the clock on an incredible time of 1'00.22 leading the RX qualification, got the silver in the final A: Abel Aber, Latimier Latimier, Hugo Latimier and Benjamin Pillerault.



Para Rafting, France 1, RX silver


First place for Italy 1: Marco Montagna, Riccardo Novella, Carlo Benciolini and Nicola Speri, who doubled the downriver gold with 120 points.



Para Rafting, Italy 1, RX gold


The RX Mix category saw challenging matches, where the strategy was not only in the position of the 2 women and 2 men on the raft, but also watching the opponents' lines and dynamic decisions, especially in the upstream gates.

 The four teams, out of 13, who paddled the semifinal were Slovakia 2 vs France 1, who already got the gold in the Slalom, and Netherland vs France 2.



Mix, Netherland, RX gold


Final A gave the golden 120 points to Netherland: Kiki Roeling, Benita Gobel, Xandar van Os, Roel Bakker and Mark de Wit.



Mix, France 1, RX silver


Second place to France 1: Marion Delorme, Coralie Yebenes, Cyril Audoit and Kevin Gix.

France 2 lost the Final B to Slovakia 2, who got the RX Mix bronze: Petra Solovicovà, Hana Derkovà, Jakub Chynoradský and Dominik Chynoradský.




Mix, Slovakia 2, RX bronze


120, 108 and 96 points went to the podiums of the RX, that confirmed some medals and changed other overall rankings.

The overall winners have been announced in the closing ceremony.

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