The World Rafting Championship 2021 has begun. The last teams are arriving in L’Argentière-la-Bessée and we are proud to announce that our partner Peace and Sport will be present during the whole racing week. As we always said, sport is not only about chronometers and medals, it is a way to meet other people and share experiences, to learn and grow.



Peace and Sport supports the 2021 World Rafting Championship


Founded in 2007 by Modern Pentathlon Olympic Medallist and World Champion Joël Bouzou, Peace and Sport is a neutral and independent worldwide organization that promotes peace through the power of sport.

In less than 10 years, the dynamism of sport has already enabled us to reinsert child soldiers back into society, to help war orphans rebuild their self-confidence, to reintegrate refugees, facilitate access to education, and more. As the Peace and Sport ambassador and Olympic Champion from Burundi Venuste Niyongabo explained us last week, in an interesting online meeting with WRF, sport is a means of improving international cooperation and raising awareness on the other’s viewpoint.


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Raising #WhiteCards in L’Argentière-la-Bessée


The symbol that we now share with Peace and Sport is a white card. As a reference to the yellow and the red card in the sporting world that usually represents penalties, a white card invites not to punish but to promote peace.

We think that rafting, as a team sport, is a perfect tool for social inclusion and our athletes are raising the White Card symbol near the rivers now, becoming part of this great movement. Everyone can also contribute by joining the Peace and Sport Programmes following this link:


PS projectWRF28

 You can contribute to the «Live Together program» and «Peacemakers Project»


The donations would be used for the «Live Together program» in the Zaatari refugee camp, in Jordan, or for the «Peacemakers Project».

Created in 2017, the «Live Together» program introduces sport as an innovative tool to tackle refugees' social issues. Three sports are currently implemented in partnership with: ITTF Foundation, WAKO and FITEQ.

On the other hand, the «Peacemakers Project» is an international program that we launched last May. The Peace and Sport’s methodology will be used by 10 field organizations who will implement peace-through-sport programs in countries affected by instability of poverty.


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WorldRafting is in board: be part of what matters!

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