Despite the challenging situation due to Covid-19 restriction, after two years without WRF worldwide competitions we finally arrived at the day before the World Rafting and ParaRafting Championship 2021.

For the first time in history athletes and para athletes will compete in the same rapids, at the whitewater stadium in L’Argentière-la-Bessée, France.


Rafters and Para Rafters will paddle in the same rapids


The stade d’eau vive Michel Baudry was inaugurated in 1993 and is 400m long, with a difference in altitude of 4m.

The French Alps of the Pays des Écrins will host more than 200 athletes this week in the alpine river Durance, from 29 countries. A few teams are still on the road, or on the plane, but everything is settled for a week of race.


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Stade d'eau vive Michelle Baudry


Before the World Championships begin We would like to take the opportunity to thank our athletes for being here: the Covid-19 pandemic forced all of us to take important choices and everyone who will paddle and take part in this competition made many sacrifices in order to be here. The hard work that everyone faced over the last months, and usually goes unnoticed during the period of preparation, will be expressed now.

This week is a chance for the athletes to show that they deserve to be here, especially to themselves, and enjoy what they deserved. They trained and they decided to travel, although the uncertainty times and now they have the opportunity not only to race, but to meet and share a new adventure with people from all around the world who have their same passion.


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Sport is not only about chronometers, it unites us, and we are honoured and proud to welcome you all, finally together. The athletes are arriving and tomorrow is the beginning of a new adventure.

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