ICCE President John Bales and the Board of Directors welcome WRF as a new partner.

The International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) is a not-for-profit, global organisation established in 1997 with the mission of leading and developing sport coaching globally. ICCE operates in 50 countries believing that international collaboration and exchange can accelerate positive change in the realm of coaching development and help these coaches give athletes around the world a chance to pursue excellence.

With the mission of a worldwide cooperation towards a continuous improvement WRF has developed the WRF Training Programme covering all the aspect of the rafting sport for its river guides and coaches, from recreational to competitive activities, on all class of river difficulties that can be safely run.

The aim of the Training Programme is to implement a federal worldwide system based on the competences and knowledges of the different levels of river rafting guides and coaches.

WRF share the main ICCE issues, aiming:

  • To promote sport coaching as a profession.
  • To promote international relationships, social and cultural, with those who are engaged in coaching education.
  • To promote sport and sport-values.
  • To promote and utilize research in the field of training and competition.
  • To exchange knowledge in the field of coaching.
  • To disseminate information about curricula, qualifying standards etc. amongst members.
  • To co-ordinate coach education courses and resources across member countries.
  • To promote a moral code in coaching.
  • To improve relationships among Coach – Management – Athlete.
  • To publish a professional publication in the field of coaching education.
  • To encourage and to assist countries, in the field of coach education

The international mobility for rafting guides, technicians and athletes is encouraged by the rafting’s seasonality due the weather events according to the period of the year. This aspect represents a tool for a global and dynamic exchange that, with a proper structure and the mutual support of ICCE, can lead to joint benefits.

We believe that this membership is the first step of a collaborative pathway where our associations will grow and promote positive synergies among the different, unique and precious realities of the sports world.

Join the World of Rafting



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