On 24th June the World Rafting Federation (WRF) and the Chilean Rafting Federation have signed an important agreement for the development of WRF Rafting Guide training program. The WRF, in fact, has developed and manages a rafting guide training program in collaboration with National Federations; it’s a

system where the WRF Training Program does not replace the National Training Program but acts at National Federation’s request by training national instructors in order to make them autonomous, thus achieving common training standards.

According this agreement signed in Kosovo, during the WRF World Cup, Chilean Rafting Federation is being engaged by the WRF to act as "Program Manager and Coordinator" for implementing and managing the WRF Chilean Guide Training Program.

Chilean Rafting Federation, as WRF Member, is entitled to certificate the WRF Chilean National Rafting Guide.

The Chilean Rafting Federation will develop and manage the WRF National GTP according the principles defined in WRF Technical Rules.

As soon as the WRF Special Commission shall verify that the WRF Chilean Training Guide Program reaches the standards defined by the WRF Training Guide Program, Chilean Rafting Federation will be engaged by the WRF to act as its "WRF International Program Manager and Coordinator" for implementing and managing the WRF program with in the nation of Chile.

Bearing in mind that the Council of the European Union’s Recommendations on promoting health-enhancing physical activity across sectors show that the sport sector is an employment-intensive growing industry and can contribute to addressing youth unemployment, rafting represents a tool for facilitating young people's access to the labour market and implement the dual career goal for the all the paddle sport athletes. Rafting also offers other employment opportunities such as manager of rafting companies or naturalist guides.

Another important goal, which is implemented through the development of an international training guide program, is the international mobility for the technicians/athletes; in fact, this element is encouraged by the rafting’s seasonality due the weather events according to the period of the year. For this reason, rafting guides can work and promote paddle sport in different continent in the same year.

"The WRF training guide program is an essential element for the development of rafting worldwide and the only way to reduce the risk that is connected to that promotional activity and Chile will play a key role in that" Danilo Barmaz, WRF President, said.

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