On 19th February WRF officially became a member of the International Fair Play Committee (CIFP), with the signature of the two presidents Mr Danilo Barmaz and Dr Jenő Kamuti.

CIFP is supporting and promoting Fair Play worldwide since its foundation in Paris in 1963, by UNESCO, with a special emphasis on children, adolescents and those in charge of their training.




“Sport is one of the best metaphors in life: it means experience that constantly improves and tests our behavior; fair play is a concrete attitude that we manifest in action, not in theory. I am really pleased with this new WRF membership because the aim of CIFP is entirely consistent with our purposes” declared WRF President Barmaz “Fair competition, respect, friendship, team spirit, equality, sport without doping, integrity, solidarity, tolerance, care, excellence and joy: I consider rafting an interesting sport that incorporates all the fundamental values of the Committee, so this membership represents both an accomplishment and a starting point of our grow path”


Cooperation in the spirit of fair play delivers greater results than pure gamesmanship in all walks of life.

Two objectives among the WRF purposes are to generally promote a good sporting practice and to specifically promote the practice of our sport as a a healthy and educational activity for youth. Fair play can be considered a tool that bonds the awareness of our mind and body, because through our behaviour we show the aim of our mind. Whenever we act in the spirit of fair play we contribute to building a peaceful and better world: through the tolerance and respect that we learn in the river, and from sport in general, we start to integrate peculiar dynamics, relevant into the everyday life, considering the society as a team.

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