A new partnership has been singed between WRF and Sport and Sustainability International (SandSi).


SandSi is a not-for-profit international organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland, that leverages the power of sport to encourage mind and behaviour changes towards more responsible conduct, aligning with the Paris Agreement and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030. The mission of SandSi has much in common with the principles of our federation: to accelerate sustainability in and through sport.

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The three main goals of the organisation for 2030 are:

Climate: the sport sector to become Carbon Neutral (according to the 2015 Paris Agreement)

Waste: the sport sector to become Zero Waste, issue that has been the core of World Championship 2019 in Tunceli and we consider a starting point

Health: the sport sector to contribute to 15% reduction on physical inactivity (according with the World Health Organisation).


To achieve these results, we share four conditions: Inclusion, Integrity, Accountability and Passion.

While SandSi acts with these purposes cooperating with leagues, federations, clubs, companies and institutions worldwide, we apply such principles at every level of our river community taking inspiration from our athletes and guides who constantly remind us that we are all in the same boat.

Rafting has been recognised several times as a tool of inclusion and overcoming differences and we are constantly trying to take this aim to the next level.

Our sport is not only a whitewater experience. Besides new athletes with disabilities approaching to the river and mix-teams competing at our events, in the last years the diversification of tracks has open up new horizons. As a team sport it is increasingly used by schools and companies. Kids are introduced to rafting not only as a recreational and cultural activity but also to fight physical inactivity and the sedentary behaviours. And furthermore rafting is practised in close contact with nature: physical education at school has the potential to be an effective tool to raise awareness on environmental issues.

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