WRF is honored and proud to announce that on Wednesday 29/07, Thursday 30/07, Friday 31/07, Saturday 1/08 and Sunday 2/08/2020 will take place the 1st worldwide conference from the World Rafting Federation about training for River Guide and Coach, in l’Argentière la Bessée in France and on the Dora Baltea river in Italy.

This conference is an important step in the recently history of the WRF, the governing body for all aspect of Sport Rafting, especially international competitions, leisure and recreational rafting, and all others disciplines directly connected to Rafting.

This event will allow us to present and explain the structure of the WRF Training Programme for River Guide and Coach, in order to create a dynamic and positive relationship between the WRF members, to share practices and open debates over the training of the river guides and coaches, in the perspective to reach the WRF main goals which are the achieving common training standards for River Guide and Coach, and the international mobility for the technicians and athletes.

Regarding the specificity of the topics, this conference is destinated only to the responsible of the National Training Commission of the Rafting Federation members of the WRF, which will receive by mail the invitation and the programme of this event.

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