The first stage of the 2018 WRF World Cup in Rafting was organized from 22ndto 24thof June on the river Ibar, in Zubin Potok (Kosovo) on the already familiar trail where national competitions has been organized for the last three years. A total of 22 teams took part.

“By a decision of the RFSS, organization of the World Cup was entrusted to NSK Liman, who successfully organized the competition” said Boris Purjakov, WRF Vice President and WRF Delegate for the event.

The following disciplines were held at the competition: RX, Slalom and Downriver on the identic boats by manufacturer Gumoteks 420 nitrilone for men and Advans 420 hipalon for women. It has been a very positive test for the RX, the new discipline of the WRF. The purpose of the RX race is to complete, in the shortest possible time, between two crews starting simultaneously and with a system of knockout elimination.

“The RX consists of two stages: a Qualification Stage (sprint) and a Classification Stage (H2H knockout).
the Qualification Stage consists on a single run in which each crew must complete a strech of whitewater in the shortest possible time. In the Qualification Stage boats start singularly. – Francesco Fiorini, WRF Strategic Cooperation Manager explains - Based on the results of the Qualification Stage and on the numbers of participants, a limited number of teams access to the knockout stage. The Classification - Knockout Stage - consits of single runs during which two teams compete simultaneously; contact between the two teams is allawed, except in the first 15 meters.“

The route of Slalom was organized near the Sports Center in Zubin Potok on the water Class II with a water flow of constant intensity. The course had a total of 14 gates, 6 upstream and 8 downstream that were symmetrically distributed. Slalom race was organized in the evening on the course illuminated by reflectors.

“I’d like to thank Boris Purjakov and all the organisers of the event! They made a great effort to organize the event. In fact, all competitors, referees and support staff received free breakfast packages as well as free lunch and dinner. Free accommodation in the school building was provided to all domestic competitors, while foreign teams were accommodated in rooms with 4 or 6 beds in the Sports Center and at the competition, there was no registration fee.” Matteo Benciolini, WRF Secretary General, said.

Whereas downriver was held on Sunday, on the last day of the competition, with length of 5.1 km from the dam to the third bridge.

Prior to the competition, a course was organized for the new WRF International Rafting Judges where 5 of them successfully passed the exam. Control of the competition was performed by the Judge Jury and 10 International WRF Rafting Judges participated at the competition.

Doping control was performed by the principle of random selection of two competitors on who a control test was performed during the competition by the Anti-Doping Agency. The competition was also scored for the Serbian National Championship.


All the photos of the event are available on the following link:


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