Close to Dalaman in the province of Mugla, where Turkish Rafting Federation organized the Rafting National Cup with many international rafting team like special guests, the WRF Executive Board had the pleasure of visiting a small town where the goal of environmental protection is fully achieved. Dalyan is one of the Turkey's best kept secrets, a natural World in itself. There are not many accessible places left on Earth where the natural beauty is all around you, the Dalyan delta where the lake meets the sea is one of them.

Dalyan is a famous place where the surrounding waters can turn from a turquoise blue color to vibrant green. The beautiful, unspoiled Iztuzu Beach, means that Dalyan is even more valuable as an environmental oasis. It's also on of the only places on earth to rehabilitate and cure caretta Carettas Turtles, which are an endangered species.

Furthermore the Dalyan presents an interesting archeological site: the boundaries of Koycegiz Rock Tombs. According to an old belief, the higher a tomb is built, the closer the should would be to God. This was the reason for carving the tombs high on mountains opposte Dalyan. An example of the Caunos citizens' best work of architecture, these tombs are iconic of this town. Archeologists are still not certain which tools were used to build them. The beauty and majesty of the tombs is visible throughout Dalyan, especially when they are lit up after the sunset.

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