1. Muscles works the same like on real raft. The seating on the Simulator is absolutely identic seating on the raft. 
2. Variable intensity for rafting. 
3. Simulator has a machine and a multifunction computer to keep under control the workout.
4. All details are inflatable. It’s light and mobile – only 18kg and 70x30x20cm.
5. Fast assembly – 2,5min by electric pomp or 5min by hand pomp.
6. Possible kitting for left player, right player or both.
1. Base kit: inflatable AirDeck platform with one balloon, stretchers, dynamic machine, wood shaft and carrying bag – 1200 EUR  
2. Computer with magnetic attachment – 450 EUR  
3. Carbon shaft – 50 EUR  
4. Adapter for changing left and right players - 50 EUR  
5. Electric pomp – 100 EUR  
6. Kit for 2 players: Inflatable AirDeck platform with 2 ballons, stretchers, 2 dynamic machines and 2 wood shafts – 1800 EUR

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